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Stitching and Surface Ornamentation Women’s Cluster, Bhopal

Rural women around the world face unique challenges that limit their access to education, healthcare, and economic opportunities. In several regions, women are still relegated to traditional roles within their communities, but we believe that it is time for a shift. Through innovative technologies and teaching courses tailored to these women, we are creating jobs in sewing, stitching, and surface ornamentation of textiles and garments. This will not only help them build better futures for themselves and their families, but it will also contribute to a more vibrant and dynamic economy overall.


Cushion covers, women’s casual t-shirt, men’s casual cotton trousers, tote bag, curtains, unisex round neck t-shirts, scarfs, table mats. The cluster will focus on production of various popular clothing


Employment generation has been one of the primary activities


“From skill development to entrepreneurship: How employment generation can transform communities”

Various awareness campaigns are also being organised to involve more women in this cluster, and to prepare them for the various responsibilities they will face. These women will be trained not only in traditional aspects of the industry but also in Entrepreneurship, Value Generation, Economics and Business, Lean Industrial Management, as well as branding and marketing.

This project is aiming to increase both forward and backward linkages. To enhance forward ones, we focus on creating diversified products with lower costs and higher volume availability. Regarding backward linkages, we will approach it in two ways: developing Human Resources by providing training to the artisans of the cluster, plus reaching out to grassroots suppliers of raw materials for decreasing production costs. Additionally, setting up a Common Facility Center should help these artisans financially by offering an infrastructure that will enable better and superior quality products with reduced labour costs and time, as well as decreased cost of production. This possibility would be beneficial for both local artisans and those who intend to join the cluster or use it for job work or skill development. Finally, our idea is to open stores that brandish these artisans’ work, thus increasing their marketing and branding possibilities.

As a result, the Cluster profitability will rise to many folds in the coming months with the joint efforts of Tumul Social Fundamental Development Society as both Implementing Agency (IA) and SPV, cluster
members, the artisans, Indore, and Nisarg Agripreneurship Foundation acting as Technical Agency supported by the Ministry of MSME under SFURTI scheme.

Around 200 artisans from 3 villages and urban slums of Bhopal are invited to partake in proposed interventions and activities on a large scale. These artisans can look forward to gaining greater financial stability, allowing them to become self-sufficient. Moreover, by value addition, the average earning is expected to increase. Additionally, an attractive and diverse product profile will boost market proliferation and give opportunities for exports.

From the length and breadth of India, we bring you these stories of empowerment and transformation.

Gurmann Kaur Sawhney
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